No one likes to deal with medical emergencies, especially when they involve your teeth. The good news is there is help available if you run into a dental emergency.

How Do You Know if it’s an Emergency?

The first step is to determine if it’s really an emergency or not. If there’s a lot of blood or pain, the answer is likely yes. If you’re experiencing sharp or severe pain in your tooth or gums, you may need to do more than just pop a pain pill. Also, if your tooth is cracked or chipped and causing serious soreness, you might want to consider visiting your dentist’s office. Common reasons for seeking emergency dental treatment would be infected gum tissue, an aching tooth, or a cracked tooth. This is more than a regular hospital emergency, it’s an oral health emergency that requires special dental care and training to fix. Rather than rushing to the emergency room, consider calling your dentist first.

What Can You Do in a Dental Emergency?

Call your dentist and see what kind of emergency dental services they offer and how they can help. Your dentist might advise you to apply a cold compress, rinse your mouth with warm water, or put aspirin on the affected area. Don’t try to put your own tooth back in the socket.

How Can You Prevent This From Happening Again?

Something you can consider while the dentist decides whether you’ll need a root canal or not is how to prevent this kind of dental emergency from happening to you again. For example, if you got one of your teeth knocked out in a hockey game, you might consider wearing a mouthguard in the future.

If you think you need emergency dental treatment, give your dentist a call right away!