Clear Braces in Westminster, CO

Are you wanting to straighten your smile but cringe at the thought of braving the unfortunate look of traditional braces? And to make things worse, most traditional orthodontic plans involve wearing braces for a year and a half to two years. But what if your braces could be barely visible and you only had to wear them for six months?

A Better Braces System

Six Month Smiles is a braces system that consist of wires and brackets that are tooth colored and nearly invisible. This is a short-term orthodontic treatment option that only take about six months for most patients. These are braces that won’t interrupt your day-to-day activities and will fit your lifestyle. Tooth-colored wires will make the process to straighten your teeth less conspicuous and subtle. Typical braces have metal brackets and wires that call a great deal of attention to your mouth, but the Six Month Smiles treatment will free you from unnecessary embarrassment.

Treatment Time

It’s important to note that your oral health and dental health are of the highest importance and everyone’s orthodontic plan is going to look a little different. Your dentist is going to do all that they can to keep your Six Month Smiles short term. Most patients only have to have these braces for half a year but it’s possible that it could be shorter or a little bit longer. True orthodontic care means helping someone achieve their best smile, no matter the amount of time it takes.

Why Choose Six Month Smiles?

If you’d like a beautiful smile sooner rather than later, then this braces system might be the one for you. It’s similar to traditional braces but with a modern twist. They’re more subtle, more time effective, and more modern than regular braces. If you’re wondering if these braces would work well to help correct your crooked teeth, give New Season Dental a call today!