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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Westminster, CO


Case 1. Mikayla


"Exceptional! I had to get a crown redone here. My previous crown was translucent and showed that my tooth had bruised under the crown, so it looked like the top half of my tooth was black. Dr. Jung noticed that I had natural white spots on my teeth, and he took care to make sure that my new permanent crown was not only A. opaque so you can't see the tooth underneath but also B. had white spots just like my teeth. For the first time in ten years, I have a smile that looks entirely natural! He also took time to explain why he was doing different things (he was the first person in ten years to tell me that teeth can bruise after trauma) and he was very careful to make sure I wasn't having any pain during the procedures." 



Before crown placement - dark staining and shadowing

Full shot - anterior ceramic crown with custom shade                   After ceramic crown is placed    



"On top of the excellent dentist, everyone else who works here is also wonderful. Tina is incredible and helped me with figuring out my dental insurance, scheduling, and more. The dental assistants are all wonderful, and the office itself is very well-decorated and spacious. Overall, the best dental practice I've ever been to. I will be back!" 


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